Terms of Use

With the current "Terms of Use" the relation between “Cartoon Tourism” LTD  and the users of the website with domain hotelcartoon.bg is dealing. In order to use the website you need to read, agree with the current “Cartoon Tourism” LTD  and agree with the regulations.


“Cartoon Tourism” LTD

A Limited Liability Company, established and existing according to the laws in Republic of Bulgaria. The Company is entered in the  Commercial Register of the Registry Agency with VAT 203331872 and located in town of Targovishte (7700), str.”St.Karadja” №22.


The domain hotelcartoon.bg  is owned by “Cartoon Tourism” LTD.  Its users could access the information provided by the website administrators.


Could be a Person or a Company responding to the current Terms of Use and accessing the information published in the website.

Terms of Use

The current Terms of Use regulates the relation between “Cartoon Tourism” LTD and the Users while using the website.


II.1. While using the website functionalities each User is obligated to follow the current Terms of Use and the active legislation of Republic of Bulgaria.

II.2. User – each person has the rights provided by the Consumer Protection Act as far as the last is applicable to the relation between “Cartoon Tourism” LTD and the User.


III.1. “Cartoon Tourism” LTD keeps its rights to cut out information and services on its own from the website without informing the Users.

III.2.  “Cartoon Tourism” LTD  could limit the access of the users for unknown or known period of time in case of disordered Users’ actions which are against the current Terms of Use and/or the active legislation of Republic of Bulgaria; or implicit a negative image of “Cartoon Tourism” LTD  ”. Independently of the previous sentence, the User is completely responsible for his actions such as all kinds of damages which might caused his blocking/limiting from using the website and mainly to the Company “Cartoon Tourism” LTD.

III.3. A denied from the website User could not use again the website without the explicit consent of “Cartoon Tourism” LTD.  The Company keeps its rights to deny the access of one User who has been already blocked according to the above regulations.


IV.1. Personal data provided from the Users according to the current Terms of Use are collected and processed by “Cartoon Tourism” LTD  in accordance to the active legislation in Republic of Bulgaria including the Regulation 2016/679 of European Parliament and Council from April 27th, 2016 regarding the protection of the physical persons for the personal data processing and the free movement of these data and the cancellation of Regulation 95/46/EO (General Data Protection Regulation or Regulation 2016/679), the Privacy Act and by-law actions in relation to its application (also known as GDPR).

IV.2. “Cartoon Tourism” LTD chooses and applies appropriate technical and organizational actions which will guarantee the protection for analyzing personal data against intentional damage or unauthorized access and additionally in case of other improper processing of the personal data (accidently or improperly destroying, loss, change, unauthorized disclosure or access to transferred, stored or processed in any other way personal data).

IV.3. Collecting and processing of the personal data is performed with Users agreement who is concerned. Providing all of the personal data from Users is voluntarily so as to the proper usage and functionality of the Website.

IV.4. “Cartoon Tourism” LTD observes the following principles while processing the personal data. The personal data should be:

IV.5. The personal data provided to the Users would be used only for access to the website’s services. “Cartoon Tourism” LTD will not provide this personal data to third parties apart from the stated in the next sentence and in p.IV.6. Additionally, the Company would not use the personal data for different than the stated above purposes without the explicit consent of the Users.

IV.6. Any personal data provided from the Users could be maintained by third parties having the legal base for receiving them, while keeping the regulations of the current law for personal data protection.

IV.7. With reference to the current legislation regulations for personal data protection each User has the right to be informed of the questions regarding the processing of his/hers personal data, ability to access the personal data, ability to correct and complete the collected by him personal data including adding a declaration, ability to delete his processed personal data (the ability to be forgotten), ability to limit his processed personal data, ability of portability of his/hers own personal data, ability to object the processing his/hers personal data and rights connected to the automatirized taking individual solutions including profiling.


V.1. The current Terms of Use are in accordance to the active legislation of Republic of Bulgaria. All arguments including the ones related to its interpretations, invalidities, performances or terminations born from or concerning these Terms of Use would be arranged by the qualified Bulgarian court.

V.2. In the case that parts or whole regulations of the current Terms of Use would be admitted for contradictory to imperative rates, for nominal or inapplicable, these regulations would be considered separated in accordance to the rest regulations and would not affect the action and relevance of any of the rest regulations of the current Terms of Use.